On grid / grid tie system is directly connected to the government electricity grid through the net meter at your facility, which generates 4 units/ per day with 1KW solar system and the excess energy will be exported to the Government grid. And the government will adjust the same in your upcoming electricity bill.

If you have a reliable electricity grid ( less then 2 hours power or electricity cut in day time ) and only want to save your electricity bill, on grid solar system is recommended for you.

Off grid solar is a battery based solar system, Which supplies electricity from solar panel. In the day time energy genrated will run the connected load and the balance energy will be stored in the solar battery through solar inverter.

The solar inverter monitors the amount of energy generated by the solar panels. It has the ability to Produce the maximum possible energy In the event of excess availability of solar power and less load. it gives an access to store the energy in the connected battery and use the load simultaneously.

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