It’s time to contribute for earth’s recovery.

Since the human evolution we have been taking all the resources from earth. On the other hand, rapid industrialisation is throwing up new problems; growing toxicity and a costly disease burden. It’s time to realise and start protecting and take the preciouses action for the future of the planet for upcoming generation.

The green echo is a nonprofit organisation initiative by JANA INFRA TECH as a company we are coming forward to participate and have taken a resolution to be a part of green living and to support the environment as much as we can.

The green echo’s primary goal is to support the preservation of the environment and ecologically sustainable development. We target on:
Environmental regeneration
Massive tree plantation
Promotion of environmental awareness
Waste management

As a part of the green echo, we will plant a tree for every KW you install as rooftop solar On behalf of you, with you. Conduct more awareness program and plant trees with the students in various intuitional such as schools, colleges and etc., Bring more interest in volunteers. Together we can support our Town to keep green and healthy,

This is the challenge of the balance.